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30 patent filings worldwide and growing

US 9925149 B2  2018-03-27  

Nanoparticle compositions and methods as carriers of nutraceutical factors across cell membranes and biological barriers.

An improved method of manufacturing lipid nanoparticles in a sequential unified process

Non-Provisional Application   2021 -11-03

Compositions and methods for extracting, stabilizing, and manufacturing stable dosage forms of psilocin, psychedelic drugs, entheogens, and medicinal mushrooms as nano-dimensional drug delivery structures.                                                                              Disruptive extraction and manufacturing of psychedelic drugs, entheogens, and medicinal mushrooms into stable nano-dimensional drug delivery structures for therapy

CA2970917C 2019-09-17

Methods of treating inflammatory disorders and global inflammation with compositions comprising phospholipid nanoparticle encapsulations of NSAIDs.

Delivering NSAIDs encapsulated inside protective lipid nanoparticles without causing gastric erosion and adverse effects for long term usage.

US10028919B2 2018-07-24

Lipid nanoparticle compositions and methods as carriers of cannabinoids in standardized precision-metered dosage forms.

The first patent granted for delivery of cannabinoids in natural lipid nanoparticles as precise dosages, by different methods of administration with greater bioavailability including intraoral, intranasal, and transdermal administrations. 

Non-Provisional Application   2020-12-31

Compositions, methods, and products of a nanostructured NAD+ delivery system.

Compositions and products of a nanostructured  NAD+ delivery system administered by different methods including transdermal, intraoral, and GI administration.

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