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NanoAlchemie plug-and-play delivery platforms are available for IntraOral, IntraNasal, Transdermal and  GI Tract administered products   Each platform delivers a unique pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profile.


NanoAlchemie’s proprietary manufacturing process is easy to set up, scalable, and cost-efficient.    


Consistent, Sustained Delivery

Utilizes the skin as a site for continuous administration into systemic circulation.


  • Formulations for topical (surface), intradermal (skin) and transdermal (systemic) actions  

  • Avoids first-pass liver metabolism

  • Super permeable NanoGels readily pass stratum corneum intact    

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Systemic delivery of nano-sized biological compounds through the gums into the circulatory system. to the bloodstream and target sites bypass first pass liver effects.

  • Bypasses pre-systemic metabolism


  • Effects within 10 minutes


  • Permeation-enhanced mucoadhesive NanoGels stay in place for delivery


Nose-To-Brain Delivery


Mucoadhesive sprays and NanoGels  enter the bloodstream and directly into the brain within minutes along the olfactory and trigeminal nerves

  • Bypasses the restrictive “blood-brain barrier” 

  • Near-Immediate onset of activity

  • Non-invasiveness, comfort and user compliance 

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Oral  Delivery

Patent-pending  Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System where as nanomilled compounds form nanostructures in the gut that improve absorption and delivery to the blood stream.

  • Ideal for medicinal mushrooms and poorly soluble botanicals

  • Superior delivery of high dose ingredients     

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